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:: The LATIN AMERICAN SAXOPHONE QUARTET was created in September 1992 in order to let know the immense timbristic richness of those instruments within chamber music.

:: Until that date no chilean saxophone group had consolidated a permanent work and a saxophone quartet could only be assembled for sporadic perfomances, where musicians were always the same persons.

:: A great fan of musical colours is the one that the music for saxophone quartet opens to us, where chilean youth shows a special interest, first in listening those instruments and then studying them.

:: En su repertorio también figuran obras universales, desde el barroco a la música clásica, con un importante número de composiciones adaptadas a cuartetos de saxofones , música contemporánea y jazz.

:: Un gran abanico de colores timbrísticos es el que nos abre la música para cuarteto de saxofones.

:: The LATIN AMERICAN SAXOPHONE QUARTET has emphasized playing opus from well known latin american authors where the folkloric root is an open window to the whole culture of our countries as well as to the universal music, from the baroque music to the classic music, where it can be find a great variety of opus adapted to saxophones, the contemporary and the jazzistic.

:: The Quartet made its debut in August 1993 getting the immediate approval of chilean audience more used to see saxophones in jazz and popular music.

:: In September 1993 the Quartet registered itself in a seminar for the perfection of the saxophone language in classical music with the Cuban Master Miguel Villafruela in the Arts Faculty of The University of Chile at Santiago city which culminated in a concert helded at the Isidora Zegers Hall of the same university.

:: In 1996 the Quartet won the FONDART Grant for the Development of Arts in Chile which financed the first recording of a CD from the Quartet dedicated to great latin american authors.

:: En Agosto del 2001 participan en el IV Festival Internacional de la Música en Buenos Aires, Argentina.


:: Since the year of its creation until now the LATIN AMERICAN SAXOPHONE QUARTET has performed several concerts in the most important sceneries of the country. In 1999 we must emphasize the work that the group has done at Temuco city, where it has been invited by the Extension Center of the Catholic University to an itinerant tournee within twelve communes of the Region, arriving to some places where there is very few access to this kind of events, giving concerts and musical workshops.

:: In July 1999 the Quartet won for a second time the FONDART Grant to record a new CD. In this occassion the CD introduces chilean authors composing soecially for the LATIN AMERICAN SAXOPHONE QUARTET Project which talks about the musical roots of chilean folklor.

:: In 2002 they received again Fondart’s recognition due to their great contribution to chilean music for the edition of their third CD entitled Frontiers, merit that very few groups in the country have obtained.

:: On August 2001 the quartet participated in the 4th Music Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina and realize a concert in the Opera Theater.

:: On April 2002 they were invited to 8th International Festival of Costa Rica, were they made several performance in the "Eugene O'neill" Theater," Tres Rios" Square and in the "Caracola Gaudiana" of Tortuguero. During this trip they recorded a thirty minute video in the National Park of Tortuguero, Jungle zone at the Northwest of Costa Rica, entitled "What rest of Paradise" (Lo que queda del Paraíso) that was directed by the great Mexican film director Gabriel Retes.

:: On May 2003 they were invited to the anniversary celebration of Sucre City, Bolivia to participate in two important concerts in the theater "Gran Mariscal" of Ayacucho and in the Government Palace yard of the city.

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