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:: Latin-American music for Saxophone Quartet ::

» Directed especially for students of primary education and university students.
The Latin-American Saxophone Quartet does a musical demonstration of each example of Latin-American rhythms.

Time: One hour.

:: Objective ::

Diffusion of the Latin-American music in its different currents: The popular music, the jazz and the classical music.

The Latin-American music covers so many styles and kinds that would be impossible to try an exhaustive way here. This workshop intends simply to present some representative kinds of the music of American, Portuguese and Spanish speech. The focus is the history, in the sense that themselves not contemporary artists of the pop music they emphasize. Attention in the traditional music is put more.

The Latin-Americans represent an important portion of the world population and a variety of tongues and cultures. Who’s folk from songs origins have been lost in a remote past to the last disk of an artist of the present time, they cover an extensive temporary range. Geographical, ethnic, and linguistically speaking, the songs of Latin America are many varied.

The Latin-American music is a very important aspect of the culture Hispanic. There are many varieties of music in Latin America. The style of music depends on the region in which be. For example; in the Caribbean, the African influence is very evident in the music, and in South America and Mexico, the native influence clearly is seen. Also the rhythms and Spanish letters are very evident in every kind of Latin-American music. The rhythms and dances of each country are a unique element of each culture that serves to identify the culture completely.

In the South American continent, there is a great variety of music that reflects the diversity of our continent. The influences of the music of this region are especially native, as Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay; the European contributions are very evident. There are many African influences in places as Brazil and Venezuela. A few examples of musical sounds of the continent are the cumbia, the tango, the fandango, the samba, the sauce, the Araucanians rhythms in Chile and many more.

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